Health Safety & Environment
 Southern Crane and Hydraulics is proud to announce that in 2011 & 2012 we were awarded a top
70 safest work places out of 17,000.
Neil Robertson ( HSE Manager )
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Health And Safety Policy
It’s a way of LIFE
Southern Crane & Hydraulics, L.L.C.’s goal is to reduce accidents, control losses and to promote good safety and health
attitudes by actively promoting a strong heal and safety culture and providing appropriate recognition for superior safety performance.
We are committed to the protection of each and every worker. SC&H prides itself on providing
a hazard-free environment for all employees.  Through extensive training, education, and guidance Southern Crane & Hydraulics obtains its goal of zero recordable incidents and zero at-risk behaviors.  We base our culture on ensuring that our employees return home to their families in the same condition in which they left.
SC&H position is that all accidents and injuries are preventable. With high work production and well as safe work practices SC&H achieves excellence those these Guiding Principles:
·         Provide safe and healthful workplaces, tools, equipment and materials free of preventable hazards.

·         Provide effective safety and health management at all levels within the Company.

·         Maintain reasonable safety rules and practices with firm and fair enforcement and to effectively communicate these rules, practices and procedures to all employees.

·         Promote good safety and health attitudes by enlisting the efforts of all employees and by providing appropriate recognition for superior safe work performance.

·         Provide appropriate employee training and information so each person can acquire the skills and knowledge needed to work in a safe and responsible manner.

·         Provide appropriate medical and industrial hygiene programs and services for employee health conservation.

·         Protect the safety and health of employees while achieving improvements in productivity.

·         Promote employee safety and health both on and off the job.

·         Maintain leadership in safety and accident prevention by constantly improving safety performance, with the objective of reducing accidents to a minimum.

Environmental Policy
It’s a way of LIFE

Southern Crane & Hydraulics, L.L.C. recognizes the importance of safeguarding the environment wherever it conducts its business. This extends from gas processing operations through the manufacture and distribution of our products. Therefore, in keeping with the Company’s Guiding Principles and Objectives, Southern Crane & Hydraulics, L.L.C.’s Environmental Policy is to:

·         Comply with environmental laws and regulations.

·         Conduct our operations in a manner which demonstrates respect for the quality of the environment.

·         Cooperate with federal, state and local governments in analyzing emerging environmental issues, finding solutions to environmental problems, and developing cost-effective, scientifically-based environmental standards.

·         Maintain effective environmental procedures and equipment, consistent with available technology.

·         Respond quickly and effectively to environmental incidents involving Southern Crane & Hydraulics, L.L.C. facilities, equipment or products under our control.

·         Endorse research to advance scientific knowledge concerning the causes and prevention of environmental deterioration.

·         Encourage development of new technology, which inherently provides improvement in the quality of the environment.

·         Provide environment training programs for Southern Crane & Hydraulics, L.L.C. employees, emphasizing individual responsibility for sound environmental management.

·         Maintain corporate and departmental environmental monitoring programs to ensure compliance with Southern Crane & Hydraulics, L.L.C.policy and governmental requirements.